Sunday, May 07, 2006

A testament to the story-producing qualities of beer goggles.

Hip inner city girl - a commedian no less - spills the beans on her sex life and dating disasters for the general mirth and enjoyment of the reading public. The cover has pink writing, bed sheets, some sexy legs and a pair of undies falling off the corner. "Meet Chelsea, one girl behaving very, very badly."

Perhaps it was the name Chelsea, or just the mood I was in, but I was expecting some insightful, yet tittilating, life experience stuff like early Girl with a One Track Mind or Chelsea Girl.

At the start of the book I thought that it was a book about a girl who likes men - who REALLY likes men - particularly when she's had a bit of a drink. The more I read I started to think that actually, she doesn't like men. We don't pay her enough attention, we're unhygenic, our penises are too small, or too big and our attitudes are all wrong - particularly when she is sober. Ultimately it's a boring list of beer goggles mistakes assembled for a laugh, but resulting in a yawn.


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