Sunday, May 07, 2006

Books: A big bad bushy whirlwind

My cousin is the most fearless woman in the world. In fact, sometimes I think she's the most fearless person in the world. She seems to wade in where angels fear to tread, with nothing to protect her but her strong personality and spiky haircut. (She's not of course - when you know what to look for you can see when she's scared - she's just scared of different stuff to you and I.) But stand back sister, because you have competition.

Perial Aschenbrand is one of those people who has the courage to follow her own ideas and ambitions and it pays off. She's the brain behind, "The only Bush I trust is my own", and a bunch of other pithy slogan shirts which have become Body as Billboard. Like most New Yorkers she is the star of her own unmade movie, but unlike most New Yorkers, her's is probabl a movie that you'd want to see. And her mother is adorable. Well worth reading.


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