Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It takes a big man to drive a small car

I read somewhere that the only car that can out-Hummer a Hummer for sheer wank value is a truck - not, not a Chevvy Suburban or any other pretender, we're talking a real truck: prime mover; the front-end of a semi-trailer; the articulate end of an articulated lorry; Kenworth!

Judging by the language that was coming from the window of the very large and shiny, possibly even sexy, left-hand-drive Kenworth that just passed my window, Chris Eubank or his truck-minder finds driving such a large vehicle in London just a little stressful. (I don't think it was Chris, because the driver got out at one point, and he looked a little heavy, and a little grey to be Chris. Of course, driving in London can do that to you.

Nice truck though. And his heart is in the right place.


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