Friday, May 12, 2006

London: Is it ever too early for a Hummer?

They say you shouldn't drink spirits before 11am. Or is that just undiluted spirits before 11am, because Bloody Marys are acceptable, and they're breakfast food.

They say you shouldn't drink spirits undiluted before 11am. But what is the ettiquite for Hummers. Is a Hummer a morning, afternoon, evening or purely night-time thing?

It's 3pm in London, and a huge Hummer, painted Caterpillar yellow, just drove past my window with teenagers packed so tightly through its apertures - bodies sticking out the sunroof, heads and shoulders out the windows - that they looked like they were stuck on, rather than sticking out. They were all boys, and they looked like they were wearing their father's shirts. And of course the music was deafening, and the excited screaming and yelling was out-doing the music. There must be a party in the 'don tonight.

And "Really," I thought, "three PM is a bit early for that sort of thing". Although, and I'll give them this, they weren't in formal dress.


Anonymous Limo said...

i was in situation like this.I and my all friends make a party and hired a Limo Hummer.We were on a bender...But it was the best party in my live.

Thursday, May 17, 2007 3:29:00 PM  

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