Sunday, March 19, 2006

Film: The rest of us just think you're Americans

Once I went to see some commedians who liked to say fuck a lot. Not as punctuation, like Billy Connolly does, in a very funny way, but as the joke itself. It probably says a lot about them that they were the kind of commedians who built their short career out of the material that Billy uses as punctuation, but I didn't know that on the way in. Fuck as the joke. It did get a laugh, the first couple of times. Then it just became punctuation for them too, except they still paused for the laughter, so it now just looked like they were working out what to say next. Then they'd say fuck again to fill the gap, but we were all fucked out. Then we just felt fucked, so we fucked off home.

See what I mean.


Crash is a superb film. The finely crafted performances of Don Cheadle and Karina Aroyave were a pleasure to watch - though it's not a fun film. The pace, cinematography, editing, dialogue, direction and costumes are excellent. It's excellent, except that it is like a one joke commedian. It is a film about race.

Now Americans, and it seems, people from LA particularly, are very finely tuned to their racial differences, quick to take offence about race, and judging by Crash, quick to give offence. So Americans probably think it's a great film. For the rest of us, the 4.5 billion people who do not live in America, it's just a film about Americans being rude to eachother.

Written and directed by Paul Haggis
Seen in a private screening at The Hospital
Don't take my word for it, buy it on DVD now: UK £12.99; USA: $9.96, or $11.86


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