Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Books: like a drunk and braying cross between Samuel Peyps and Forest Gump

Remember when, as a teenager, your friends would tell stories about how they got soooo drunk.Oh, you don't remember... well read The Insider - it will remind you because Piers Morgan is driven to drink by almost every front page story; a problem when you edit a national daily. And a shame, in this case, because the drunken bravado de-values the delicate balance of sensitivity and savvy which makes Morgan so interesting, and his story so amazing.

If you can get beyond Piers, his insights into Princess Diana, the royal family, celebrity and government are stunning, and the last quarter of the book, dealing with the gulf war, is riveting. In posterity, Morgan's Forest Gump like ability to be on the periphery of every major event of his time will probably make him a Peyps of the turn of the 21st century, but for now, his personality speaks louder than the events he chronicles.

The Insider: the private diaries of a scandalous decade
Piers Morgan
Ebury Press, UK: £3.99 or £17.99; USA: $10.77


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