Thursday, February 23, 2006

Food: Daddy Donkey, Leather Lane - crunchy, yet runny

Daddy Donkey draws in the crowds using the age old ploy of cooking spicy beef up wind of hungry people. It's more effective in the rain, when the smells concentrate under the tarpaulin over the stall, drawing you in like a hand around your neck. The meat is warm and freshly cooked, the spicey sauces are well blended, with plenty of flavour and no surprises, the black beans give it body and the salad is fresh and crisp. All is good, if expensive at five pounds when you can get a curry up the lane for three. And 10 mintues later, struggling to eat my burro before it fell to pieces, quickly running out of serviettes as juice ran down my fingers and into the foil protecting my desk, I wondered, "How can one small sandwich like product contain so much liquid?"

Daddy Donkey
Pitch 102, Leather Lane Market, (parallel to Hatton Garden), Farringdon, London
Lunch for one: large beef burro, £5


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